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This page gives details of other inhabited places around the world that are called Rugby. ( In a few cases landscape features have been included as well. )
Rugby, Warwickshire is the only use of the name in Britain.
In most cases how and why the other places were called after the town ( or the game ) is not known - if you have any information please let me know !

Countries with know places are :-

United States of America

Rugby ( City of ), Pierce County, North Dakota

48° 22' North 99° 59' West

This is probably the largest other place called Rugby, although in 1990 the population was only 2909. That is large enough to class as a 'city', which defines how the local government is organized. It has it's own municipal airport.

This town is well known for being at the geographic centre of the USA.

Rugby, Las Animas County, Colorado

37° 28' north 104° 39' west

As well as the settlement there is a Rugby Canyon and a Rugby Rock mountain near by.

Rugby, Livingston County, Illinois

40° 54' north 88° 29' west

This is located about 10km east of the town of Pontiac, about 120km (80 miles) south west of Chicago.

Rugby, Bartholomew County, Indiana

39° 18' north 85° 42' west

This is 5km east of the small town of Hope. It is about 65km south east of Indianapolis and 100km west of Cincinnati.

Rugby, Henderson County, North Carolina

35° 21' north 82° 31' west

This is near Hendersonville, about 30km south of Asheville. One of the local schools is Rugby Junior High School.

Rugby, Shelby County, Tennesse

35° 12' north 90° 00' west

A suburb of Memphis, about 8km north of the city centre.

Rugby, Morgan County, Tennesse

36° 21' north 84° 42' west

This settlement is about 15km ESE of Jamestown and 30km SW of Oneida. It is about 90km NW of Knoxville. It is at the junction of three counties and part is in Scott county.

The settlement was founded in 1880 by Thomas Hughes, author of Tom Brown's School Days. It was an experiment in utopian living but was deserted after only 10 years. About half the original buildings survive and have been restored.

Rugby, Red River County, Texas

33° 29' north 95° 16' west

Rugby, Albermarle County, Viginia

38° 00' north 78° 19' west

15km east of Charlottesville. There is a Rugby Road in Charlottesville.

Rugby, Grayson County, Virginia

36° 36' north 81° 27' west

15km SW of Independence, very close to the state boundry with North Carolina. At the northern end of the Appalachian Mountains.

Rugby, Roanoke City County, Virginia

37° 17' north 79° 57' west

An area of Roanoke City, just north of the centre.

Rugby Hall, Anne Arundel County , Maryland

39° 02' north 76° 31' west

On the west bank of Chesapeake Bay, 50km ENE of Washington D.C. and 30km SSE of Baltimore. Arnold is the nearest postal town and it is close to Annapolis.

Rugby Junction, Washington County, Wisconsin

43° 17' north 88° 13' west

On the outer fringes of the suburbs of Milwaukee, about 35km NW of the centre.

South Africa


35° 54' south 18° 29' east

About 50km S.E. of Cape Town, at a rough estimate.

This is a local name for part of a larger settlement.


26° 42' south 23° 13' east

Somewhere near the Botswana border in North West Province, about 150km west of Mmabatho ( Mafikeng ).


Rugby, New South Wales

34° 24' south 148° 59' east

Due North of Canbera and west of Wollongong ( a town south of Sydney ).

This is a local place name rather than the name of a township.

Mount Rugby, Tasmainia

43° 19' south 146° 6' east

The peak of the Rugby Range of mountains.


There are no settlements called Rugby in Canada but it is used as an area name three times.

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